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How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool used to enter into a state of deep mind and body relaxation; usually experienced as a deeply relaxing, calm, trance-like state, a highly focused state of awareness. (trance-like states are experienced often, such as when driving a familiar route by car or watching a film). Trance is a normal and very natural part of our daily life, with research showing we naturally go into trance on average every seven minutes. When in trance we are still in full control of what is happening, any suggestion offered, your subconscious mind will decide whether or not it is useful, simply rejecting those that are not in your best interest.

Research has found that 95% of the decisions we make are made in the subconscious part of our mind, this is also the part of the mind where our learned behaviour and through patter systems reside, including addictions, anxieties, and habits that we may wish to stop, remove or change.

The conscious part of our mind only has access to 5% of our decision making capabilities, limiting our choices and potential for change. Hypnosis calms and relaxes the conscious part of our mind, encouraging it to quieten, allowing the subconscious mind to focus on and become more responsive to favourable suggestions and useful changes given.


Once trance is achieved, dissolving unhelpful programming and breaking cycles of negativity, such as stress, anxiety and depression can begin. As the subconscious mind is more receptive to positive suggestions during trance, this is the optimum time for new information and correction of old habits to be specified, in a meaningful way. 

The freedom to enjoy letting your mind wander off to think of other things is one of the joys of hypnosis and is sometimes called a ‘dream-like’ state. Achieving hypnosis through deeply relaxing the mind and using visualisations means anxiety is reduced enabling your mind to shift perspective and easier to see the positive aspects in life. Hypnosis combined with psychotherapy is a highly effective form of therapy which makes it ideal for treating a variety of medical and psychological issues including depression, low self-esteem, quitting smoking, amongst other day to day issues.

What is solution focused hypnotherapy? 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an innovative style of therapy which applies practical and well-researched approaches to psychotherapy techniques, combined with and including the use of hypnosis.

With solution-focused therapy, we centre sessions on present and future achievements rather than analysing problems of the past or going over painful memories.

Change happens in the way we think about the past, present and future, changes to our thoughts are generated using specifically designed questions. This creates noticeable differences in unhelpful thought patterns and produces a mindset concentrated on preferred outcomes and positive changes in your life. Whether building confidence, self-esteem or discovering inner strength is needed to create the changes you want to achieve, I am committed to supporting you.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions combine the best research-based psychotherapy incorporating Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) with the powerful tool of hypnosis (or trance).

Talking therapy incorporates positive psychology practices and principles evoking change in clients by discovering moments when the problem or difficulty has been managed, coped with or addressed before and then co-constructing practical and sustainable solutions rather than focusing on the problem.

Detailing exactly how your (the client’s) life will be different starts the process of how and what the client wants to achieve and identifies the steps needed to create change. If you are willing to work collaboratively and put into effect changes to the way you think, committing yourself to the therapy process, then the success of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be highly beneficial in relieving a wide array of symptoms and issues and instigating a mindset focused on where and how you want to be.

A Typical Session

To begin your psychotherapy and hypnotherapy journey with me, your first appointment is a free 45-minute consultation. During this appointment, I will gain an understanding of specific issues you would like to address in detail and discuss what you are comfortable with to create and personalise the best approach for you during future appointments. Each session thereafter will begin with Solution Focused psychotherapy before applying deep relaxation and hypnotic techniques.


During the first portion of our sessions together we will work on psychotherapy. Here we will discuss your life with a focus on what has been different, what has been better, detailing the small things. This allows access to creativity and positive thought patterns which in turn become more habitual. Using specifically designed questions significant changes and positive improvements can be made in a relatively short period of time. The beauty of focusing on solutions is that sessions leave you feeling energised, motivated and with a strengthened mind set.


In the therapy room you will lay down on a couch with pillows and blankets, or a comfortable place in your home if the session is online. Once relaxed and comfortable, I will guide you into hypnosis, all you have to do is relax. When in trance, you will feel a sense of tranquillity with a heightened state of awareness as the conscious mind releases its control of thoughts and thinking. Your busy mind becomes quiet, allowing easier connection with your subconscious mind. Making changes to habitual behaviour and thought patterns becomes easier when the mind is in its natural resting state of trance. Most importantly, positive suggestion and therapeutic change creates noticeable, effective differences to how client’s feel, react and respond to situations, addictions, phobias and emotions.

What can I expect?

It is important I find out your needs and understand how I can help you. As hypnotherapy may be something new for you I offer our first appointment free. During the 45 minute session we will discuss your areas for change, and medical history this helps to tailor the method of treatment and any concerns or questions you may have. After discussing your particular focus for change we will explore the neuroscience behind how the brain works and how we often feel stuck or in difficult to handle situations.

Working together

When considering hypnotherapy it is important to understand that hypnosis is not something I do to you but rather something you allow yourself to experience. The change comes from both you and I working together, identifying where change is needed and specifying the actions needed to make positive changes to your life. Utilising the state of trance during hypnosis I will support and encourage positive change, inspiring your full potential and achievement of goals. At the centre of each session is my belief in you and in your ability to make the changes that you want in your life.

Monitoring results and in between sessions

At the end of each session we will track your outcome so the benefits of hypnotherapy can be monitored. This will allow us to see your improvements and give you peace of mind. You will be given a free recording to use at home to use between sessions to keep the momentum and progress after sessions.

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